Akeim Toussaint Buck is a multifaceted performing artist, born in Jamaica and raised in England.

He seeks to create moving, thought provoking yet accessible and free spirited projects.

Since graduating from Northern School of Contemporary Dance with a first-class honours Bachelor degree in Performing Arts, Akeim has been involved in cross disciplinary projects working with a wide range of artists. His focus as a maker and collaborator is to combine expressive skills such as dance, writing and poetry, beat-box, singing and acting through performance and telling new stories that reach beyond existing dance audiences.

...Since graduating, Akeim has worked on numerous projects with different artists and companies around the UK as a dancer, beatboxer and actor.

Employment history includes: Pauline Mayers (Mayers Ensemble), Chris Goode & Co, Balbir Singh Dance, Jamaal Burkmar Dance, John Liron (Wolf Kid Theatre), Heather Walrond Dance and Ballet Lorent.



Akeim + Otis

SnakeBox img

Snakebox is a collaboration between Akeim and Otis Jones. The boys met at NSCD and began their collaboration as Snakebox after graduating. Otis is a multi-instrumentalist and dancer who plays guitar and piano, he recently composed for Jamaal Burkmar, recent recipient of Mathew Bourne's New Adventures Choreographer Award.

Snakebox's most recent ventures include, a line of charity events; Snakebox & Friends and an audience participation piece called P.L.A.Y: Participating in a Living Atmosphere of Yourself.

Never Alone

Cargo Collective

Never Alone img

Never Alone began as a collaborative project, seeking to combine Akeim Buck's embryology based exercises with Akeelah Bertram's video practice.Working with dancers Barnaby Booth, Phoebe Douthwaite, Reanne Francis, Sara Macqueen, Otis Jones and Chris Radford, The project explored exercises Akeim had designed to increase intuitive connectivity between the dancers.

Akeim continues his research in the form of Never Alone Movement & Sound Journey. This is a workshop developing the exercises with beatbox. Turning the exercises into a journey for the participants. The workshop is open to adults and children of all abilities..

Leed Seeds

Anne Marie Atkinson

Leeds Seeds img

"What didn't you do to bury me? But you forgot that I was a seed." This was a collaboration with visual and inclusive artist Anne Marie Atkinson. Also in collaboration were a group of children brought together from workshops we held in Hilcrest Primary School and RJC' Mandela Centre in Chapeltown. Through dance and poetry we under took a creative journey into what the children imagine the future of Chapeltown to be. With help from the elderly in the neighbourhood the children learned what was there before. This helped generate stories to influence how they would see the future. The project ended with a guided walk lead by the children taking the audience to specific parts of Chapeltown to share what they found of the past and what they see in the future.We hope to bring this project back to communities very soon. We were funded by Leeds Inspired and commissioned by East Street Arts.

A Conversation With Maself

This short film is a collaboration with poet and film maker Omari Swanston Jeffers. Having one night, one location and the feeling to move. Omari filmed the unfolding of movement and was inspired enough to write a poem to the dance. A poem which really captures the essence of the yearn to break free and dance.

Special credit to Joa Moao.


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“This we know, All things are connected Like the blood that unite us. We do not weave the webs of life. We are merely a strand in it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. We love this earth as a new born loves its mother’s heartbeat. Hold in your mind the memory of the land As it is when you receive it. Receive the land and the air and the rivers For your children’s children and love it as we have loved it” Chief Seattle (1790-1866)

Greetings readers far and near.  I am so enthused to write to you today as my life has been up and down, round and round, through the wire, through the turbulence of the storm. And yet, I am still here so thanks are always needed before I embark on peeling away the past month. Thank you almighty powers around us keeping us humble, yet divine and ever changing however grounded in our being.

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We bounce back like Pendulums : Support is being Kind.

Greetings Readers. 

I am here 8 months on since my last post. A ton of things has happened privately, artistically, magically and spiritually. I feel mostly good and that is all thanks to the miraculousness of life it self. We have no thanks to express but the almighty fact we are here in this life to dream and manifest. For that I give thanks and praises. 


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